Models at Comic Con San Diego

Hire costumed performers, models, luxury party performers for Comic Con San DiegoEmmeGirls Promotional Models are performing in San Diego this July for the annual Comic-Con International. The event is staged at the San Diego Convention Center with the infamous preview party night and over 100,000 fans headed to San Diego local restaurants, residents, and hotels prepare for the madness.

Make sure you hire the best San Diego modeling agency for staffing at Comic-Con. EmmeGirls leverages years of experience staffing, party planner, producing events from Las Vegas to Amsterdam. The agency is led by CEO Emme Porter and COO Bruce Porter Jr.

Call today San Diego to Amsterdam +1 202 436 5114 ask for Emme!

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Bruce Porter Jr is the Social Networks Manager™

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Email +1 202 436 6577

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Promotional Models Actresses at Comic-Con San Diego Convention Center

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