NYC modeling agency to make SIFMA success at Hilton New York

Hire trade show models Emme Girls for SIFMA financial trade show Hilton New YorkEmmeGirls NYC modeling agency is pleased to announce they have reached an agreement with a repeat client to staff trade show models at the Financial Services Technology Leaders Forum (SIFMA) / Financial Services Technology Expo. Staged at the Hilton New York City this is the most important financial technology services event in the United States. This is the 31st annual expo for SIFMA and brings together over 200 of the industry’s top vendors and nearly 10,000 attendess.

Social media guru, modeling agent, EmmeGirls COO Bruce Porter Jr“SIFMA is where technology meets the leaders in the financial industry to find new ways to work together to increase productivity and ROI” says EmmeGirls COO Bruce Porter Jr. “We are always excited to leverage our NYC models at this important trade event.”

You can download the SIFMA Techapp: here

EmmeGirls is a hybrid modeling agency led by long time professional NHL cheerleader and coach of the award winning Red Rockers, CEO Promotional modeling agencies in NYC hiring Emme Girls models 202 436 5114Emme Porter and social media guru, COO Bruce Porter, Jr. Since it’s inception EmmeGirls has leveraged their extensive experience to stay on top of the ever changing staffing and social media marketing world. Whether you need social media marketing, staffing, or event management EmmeGirls delivers exciting captivating events!

Call today NYC to Amsterdam +1 202 436 5114 ask for Emme!

@EmmeGirls NYC modeling agency performs at Donald Trump’s Woolcott Arena in Central Park, NYC. Read post here: Luxury Events in NYC

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