Las Vegas modeling agency hire models for G2E Global Gaming Expo

Booth hostess, promotional models Las Vegas modeling agency for igaming models, virtual interactive games, ultra luxury party planner for G2E E3igaming interactive gaming models for hire casino style show girls ultra luxury entertainment party planner Las Vegas to AmsterdamIf you are exhibiting at the Global Gaming Expo (G2E) it is important to make the right impression.  With the unprecedented growth of the gaming industry worth an estimated 100 billion annually it’s more important than ever be able to capture and hold the attention of your prospective buyers.  The Global Gaming Expo is known for for it’s flashy advertising, clever marketing techniques, and offering unparalleled access to top CEO’s, COO’s, and purchasing agents from the global interactive gaming (igaming) market.

Amsterdam modeling agency staffing elite luxury entertainment at The Escape club hire Emme Girls models, magician, aerialist, dancers, hula hoop acts, fire performers call worldwide 202 436 5114This is the 12th year the American Gaming Association has produced the Global Gaming Expo.  G2E one of the most important expos for launching new games, game related hardware, and game related live ultra luxury entertainment.  Amsterdam modeling agency staffing world famous magician at The Escape nightclub for ultra luxury event hire Emme Girls models, fire performers, circus performers, stilt walkers, dancers, aerialist call worldwide 1 202 436 5114With all of the big names from the gaming industry on hand including all of the major casinos G2E has also become the mecca for unique shows, performers, event management and ultra luxury party planner services that Models for hire interactive gaming modeling agency igaming virutal model and ultra luxury entertainment at mobile game product launch at G2E and E3offer one-of-a-kind entertainment.  The trade show attracts all of the brightest minds in the gaming industry and some of the deepest pockets in the world.

Interactive gaming models staffing modeling agency for gaming trade show after party planner luxury cirque entertainment Las Vegas to AmsterdamWhether you have come to Las Vegas for an exciting new product launch or talent, or to find new and innovating entertainment gaming software and hardware make sure you hire the reccomended modeling agency to help you bring home the big deals.  Emme Girls leverages their massive worldwide database of models and elite entertainment staff to produce promotional models, trade show models,  Hire aerialist performer in Las Vegascelebrity sports spokesmodels, and high end ultra luxury parties.  From beautiful aerialists soaring above the heads of your guest to world famous cirque performers, dancers, and magicians we staff all elite talent worldwide.

Amsterdam modeling agency staffs Europe's most famous hula-hoop act at The Escape nightclub for ultra luxury event hire Emme Girls models, magician, circus performers, stilt walkers, dancers, aerialist call worldwide 1 202 436 5114Video games are a wonderful release and allow us to imagine and experience things that are fantasy and larger than life.  EmmeGirls creates events that leave 
lasting, unforgettable 
impressions.  From fantastic cirque themed party to ghoulish and live Virtual entertainment igaming interactive games modeling agency for fantasy models, luxury party planner, cirque one-of-a-kind entertainment for G2E and E3celebrity entertainment
with high end show girls Emme Girls delivers ultra luxury events worldwide every week of the year.  We take your vision and make it reality…


EmmeGirls is a hybrid modeling agency led by long time professional NHL cheerleader and coach of the award winning Red Rockers, CEO Boston modeling agency hiring Emme Girls models 202 436 5114Emme Porter and social media guru / modeling agent, COO Bruce Porter, Jr. Since it’s inception EmmeGirls has leveraged their extensive experience to stay on top of the ever changing staffing and social media marketing world. Whether you need social media marketing, staffing, or event management EmmeGirls delivers exciting captivating events!

EmmeGirls is pleased to announce they have reached an agreement with an international client to Trade Show Models at G2E.

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