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LA modeling agency, fashion show event manager, models staffing, rentals luxury party plannerLeverage our LA modeling agency for model staffing, venue, and fashion show event manager.  We actively and tastefully showcases client brands throughout events, in keeping with the desired demeanor of the brand. We work closely with our clients to produce interactive events that reinforce the branding relationship.

Leverage our LA party planners, venues, and  one-of-a-kind entertainment to make your event a success.

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EmmeGirls is a hybrid modeling agency led by long time professional NHL cheerleader and coach of the award winning Red Rockers, CEO Las Vegas modeling agency hiring Emme Girls models 1 202 436 5114Emme Porter and social media guru, COO Bruce Porter Jr. Since it’s inception EmmeGirls has leveraged their extensive experience to stay on top of the ever changing staffing, party planner, and social media marketing world. Whether you need social media marketing, staffing, or event management EmmeGirls delivers exciting captivating events!

Call today Las Vegas to Amsterdam +1 202 436 5114 ask for Emme

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Bruce Porter Jr is the Social Networks Manager™

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